Friday, November 19, 2010

Things That Make My Heart Go Thump!

Jeffrey Campbell Back Off Wedges

Tinley Road Flap Zip Leather Jacket 

Spotted Moth Temptest Jacket

Gap Jacquard Mini 

Tinley Road Pleated Top

Some people like to window shop, but I tend to dream through the internet. Living in New York I find myself getting very overwhelmed in stores with all the people and the huge amount of clothing. Every night I oooo and ahhh over pieces I find and get very excited with the fact that they just magically appear on my doormat via UPS. The wait for them almost adds to my excitement and joy as I lay in bed thinking "I can't wait to pair this and this!". The box arrives and I revert back to being 6 years old on Christmas morning! Internet how I love you so! 

Above are some pieces I am really in love with at the moment! I tend to watch them until they go on sale as I am on a very limited budget at the moment. The Jeffrey Campbell Back Off boots are ALWAYS out of stock and never go on sale, but a girl can dream right?? I saw a girl wearing these boots one night at a concert and I of course probably scared her by running over to her and going "omg those are such beautiful boots, where oh where are they from!?". She was nice though, and very cute...pairing them with a flowy white top and sequin shorts. 

This season there is so much love love! I think that the Tinley Road pleated top would look so beautiful with the Gap textured mini. I am also loving the dark, rich colors and find myself wearing a lot of black, gray and navy in the winter. 

Being from Florida, I relish the fact that for 2 seasons I get to layer and wear beautiful jackets! This leather jacket would make me feel so hot and confident whereas the shearling coat would make me feel cosy and warm. So much to choose from this season, can I please win the lottery now? (I guess I should play! Although, the boyfriend did win $4 on a scratch off...only $999,996 would make it so much better!) 

Too-da-loo guys! Hope you have a great weekend!!

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