Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Day in the Park

Forever 21 shirt, H&M jacket (2009), uniqlo skinny jeans (2008), over-the-knee riding boots (Kohl's)

Bare with me till I am able to purchase better camera...but oh well! I am very lucky to work for a fantastic woman that is willing to take my picture for me! (Thanks, Al!!) Thursday we spent the day at Hippo Playground with the kids (I work in a house with 7 kids, yes 7). The weather was amazing and the kids were ecstatic, Mcdonalds always does the trick!

This is not my favorite outfit, but I thought hey...I need to practice these posts! Trying to get my god daughter, Ileana, to cooperate in the first picture was not the easiest feat. That baby has a mind of her own, a quality I LOVE about her. When it was time to go she absolutely refused...refused. You know when your mom would pull that trick of "alright...we are gonna leave...see ya later!" and you would fall for it every time??? Well, not this little one. She stood her ground, arms crossed and all. She does not fall for these tricks. I love her for that!  

                      Too-da-loo all! :)

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